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30 05 2009


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29 01 2009


Stay involved in politics. visit to learn more about President Barack Obama’s agenda. Now it’s time to make sure our President makes good on the political promises.

Rest In Peace Eartha Kitt

26 12 2008
Eartha Kitt Dies at 81

Eartha Kitt Dies at 81

Eartha Kitt, a sultry singer, dancer and actress who rose from South Carolina cotton fields to become an international symbol of elegance and sensuality, has died. She was 81.

Kitt, whose saucy rendition of “Santa Baby” became a holiday pop music classic, died in Connecticut on Christmas Day. Family spokesman Andrew Freedman said Kitt was recently treated at New York’s Columbia Presbyterian Hospital for colon cancer.

A self-proclaimed “sex kitten,” famous for her catlike purr, Kitt was one of America’s most versatile performers, winning two Emmys and nabbing a third nomination. She also was nominated for several Tonys and two Grammys.

Her career spanned six decades, from her start as a dancer with the famed Katherine Dunham troupe to cabarets and acting and singing on stage, in movies and on television. She persevered through an unhappy childhood as a mixed-race daughter of the South and made headlines in the 1960s for denouncing the Vietnam War during a visit to the White House.

Once dubbed the “most exciting woman in the world” by Orson Welles, she spent much of her life single, though brief romances with the rich and famous peppered her younger years.

After garnering notice for singing “Monotonous” in the Broadway revue “New Faces of 1952,” Kitt appeared in “Mrs. Patterson” in 1954-55. (Some references say she earned a Tony nomination for “Mrs. Patterson,” but only winners were publicly announced at that time.) She also made appearances in “Shinbone Alley” and “The Owl and the Pussycat.”

Her first album, “RCA Victor Presents Eartha Kitt,” came out in 1954, featuring such songs as “I Want to Be Evil,” “C’est Si Bon” and the gold digger’s theme song “Santa Baby,” which is revived on radio each Christmas.

“I Want to Be Evil”

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Time’s Person of the Year: Who Else?

17 12 2008


Time Magazine announced their Person of the Year for 2008, and to no ones surprise, the Person of the Year is President Elect Barack Obama.

For more information on Time Magazine’s selection, and more background of the man himself, click HERE.

A New Shoe Bombing, er Throwing

15 12 2008

Mr. Bush, I hate you so much for the pain and misery you’ve caused my Country in the name of Democracy. Thousands of innocent lives have been lost due to your irresponsible war against us. We had no nuclear weapons, and you knew this. You used the tragedy of September 11th as a way to finally finish the job your father, Mr. George H. Bush couldn’t finish. The entire Bush family has wanted some semblance of control over our oil fields for decades. I’ve watched your own people suffer with exorbitant gas prices, while you were getting richer. You will go down in history as the most incompetent President in the History of America.

No I throw shoes to show my hatred for you….

Will OJ Saga Sully The Heisman?

8 12 2008


On November 26, 1968, Orenthal James Simpson was celebrating winning the Heisman Trophy, an annual award given to the most outstanding College football player. The young Mr. Simpson’s future would be as bright as a Southern California sunrise. 40 years later, that sunrise has finally set as O.J. Simpson was sentenced to serve a minimum of 9 years in prison.

Simpson was found guilty of nine felony counts, including kidnapping, in Clark County District Court in Nevada on October 3, 2008. Thirteen years to the day after he was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman in 1995 in Los Angeles.

On Saturday, December 13th, Tim Tebow, Graham Harrell, Colt McCoy, and Sam Bradford will be vying to be in the same company as OJ, as a Heisman Trophy winner.

From Jay Berwanger, the first Heisman Memorial Trophy recipient in 1935, to last years winner Tim Tebow, the fraternity of Heisman winners are all top notch individuals, as well as great College players.

Simpson is not the only Heisman winner who has had brushes with the law, however; nothing comes close to being accused of double murder and convicted of kidnapping and conspiracy charges.

Ricky Williams, who won the prestigious award in 1998 at Texas University, and Rashaan Salaam, 1994’s winner out of Colorado, both liked to hit the bong. Both would be suspended and fined from their respective teams and the NFL. Ricky Williams eventually found his way back into the NFL. Salaam fumbled his way out of the league for good in 2003.

Simpson’s treasured Heisman Trophy was auctioned in 1997 to pay part of his restitution for a civil wrongful death suit brought by the Goldman family. Now OJ has no ties with the Heisman Memorial Trophy anymore, and I’m pretty sure most are OK with that.

When all the previous winners get together for their Annual Heisman Trophy Dinner next Monday night, OJ will be having his own banquet of bread & water, right before lights out.

Many people will be talking about OJ Simpson in the coming days of the award presentation. Instead of celebrating his achievements in 1968, or taking pride in his being a member of the Heisman fraternity, most will be talking about his recent conviction and sentencing.

Hopefully, for the sake of all previous winners, and out of respect for the most prestigious College Football award, those conversations about Mr. Simpson will not darken what should be a day of celebrating brilliant young athletes.

No one should be talking about the man whose star has not only fallen, but has broken into a thousand little pieces, becoming a joke of a man, instead of what he once was; a brilliant athlete.

O.J. will be locked away for at least the next 9 years. He will be remembered. Unfortunately for him, most memories will be what happened off the field, than the incredible feats he attained on the field.Whether you were a fan or not, that is a tragic fall. I’m sure the Brown’s and Goldman’s couldn’t care less.

A Dream Deferred No More, Give Us Our Peace

24 11 2008


President Elect Obama will be sworn into the Office as the 44th President of the United Stated in less than two months. With all the economic turmoil, and all the Right vs. Left, Conservative vs Liberal nonsense, and all the threats of terrorism, and possibilities of more Wars. Now more than any other time in our History, we need peace. Even in War, Peace is ones greatest strategy.

This poem by Langston Hughes sums up what myself, and millions of people around the globe expect from our new Commander in Chief.

Give us a peace equal to the war
Or else our souls will be unsatisfied,
And we will wonder what we have fought for
And why the many died.

Give us a peace of accepting every challenge —
The challenge of the poor, the black, of all denied,
The challenge of the vast colonial world
That long has had so little justice by its side.

Give us a peace that dares us to be wise.
Give us a peace that dares us to be strong.
Give us a peace that dares us still uphold
Throughout the peace our battle against wrong.

Give us a peace that is not cheaply used,
A peace that is no clever scheme,
A people’s peace for which men can enthuse,
A peace that brings reality to our dream.

Give us a peace that will produce great schools —
As the war produced great armament,
A peace that will wipe out our slums —
As war wiped out our foes on evil bent.

Give us a peace that will enlist
A mighty army serving human kind,
Not just an army geared to kill,
But trained to help the living mind.

An army trained to shape our common good
And bring about a world of brotherhood.

Langston Hughes